Sunday, February 05, 2006

About "Architecture and Crafts": Contemporary architecture in Tunisia

La Presse, a French-language Tunisian newspaper, addressed in a supplement "tendances" the issue of contemporary architecture in Tunisia, especially how it is being inspired from Islamic architecture--indicated vaguely by La Presse's journalists as "artissanat" and "patrimoine"... This is part of their coverage of the colloqium of "Crafts and architecture".... Well it's always nice that they'd write about contemporary architecture but again very amateurist... really...

Crafts and architecture: general introduction
The Medina in Yasmine Hammamet
Article on al-Abidine Mosque and Ayad Sriha its architect
Interview with Denis Lasage
On the work of aTunisian crafstman, Mohamed Messaoudi
The next issue of the periodical Archibat will be about the colloqium


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