Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fiqh al-Imara / the religious conditions of Islamic architecture

An article by an Egyptian writer appeared in al-Hayat Newspaper talks among other subjects about the religious conditions (fiqh) of Islamic architecture... the topic is well known by specialists but it's here made accessible for a wider public and that's why it's worth reading... Ther writer seems to have written a book about the subject... He knows, however, very little (or prtends to know and he does not know in fact) about "western" scholarship on Islamic art since he thinks that most of the latter focused on the form and neglected the "content" of Islamic architecture... this is, obviosuly, far from the truth for anyone who knows the basic refrences on Islamic archityecture... I think it's legitemate to crtiticize the orientalist view but it's really useless and unproductive to think that any "western" writer is oreintalist by definition... it's simply untrue... and I frankly think that Edward Said's "Oreintalism" is reponsible for these generalist positions....


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