Thursday, January 26, 2006

And now the Algerian Mega-Mosque

Hassan II mosque-Casablanca ("Historical"/post-modernist style)

The Grand National Assembly Mosque-Ankara (modernist style)

The King Faysal Mosque-Islamabad (modernist style)

In the recent years a series of mega-large mosques were built as official projects initiated by the Arabic governements (Morocco, Iraq,...), which is part of a wider current of "official mosques"... though not all mega-large...
Now an Algerian project of a mega-mosque is being reported by the UIP (in Arabic via capacity of 120,000 praying individuals, a surface of 30 hectars, $140 millions making it the second most expensive, and including a hotel 300 rooms (a hotel ?!) with gardens.
This seems to be one of the major projects the Algerian government will begin after the huge profits it made due to the rise of Oil prices in the last couple of years
I wonder about the architectural style: I assume that the Algerians won't be too diffrent from their Maghrebi neighbours and I think they'll go for the post-modernist style (i.e. reproducing a "historical" example)... This tendency of contemporary religious architecture is in the same course of the secular (see my notes on Contemporary Architecture in Tunisia)... but the problem is that the Algerians do not have a major model as do Morocco (Qarawiyyin-Fez) and Tunisia (Oqba-Qayrawan)... which were both the sources of the Moroccon and Tunisian contemporary mosques (Hassan II mosque, Abidin mosque)...

I am still a fan of the modernist style: like the wonderful Faysal Mosque at Islamabad or also the Grand National Assembly at Ankara


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