Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This is about how football/soccer should be an art rather than a criminal act

As anyone in this planete (may be except the Italians because they won... and because they are Italians) no one is really interested if the Italians won the world cup; the truth is that whether you hate the French or not that's another matter, but certainly the Italians do not deserve a bit of their world cup.
Let's get to the point, which has to do with the main topic of this blog, i.e., art: Football is, originally, a show of a beautiful and exciting form of dance, though with a ball. Only for this reason people like to watch it. Winning, yes exciting, but, and the Italians should believe me, it would not be exciting at all if winning is possible only thanks to cheating. The Italians, who won the world cup four times, do they ever wonder why no one in the palnete would ever love them like most humans like the Brazilian team. Do they ever wonder why not?

July 9th, 2006 was a sad day for football. I have never been particularly a fan of Zidane... He always seemed to me stiff compared to players like Ronaldinho and Maradona. But still he is a great player, and by the way, this is true whether he is a Muslim or not... because that's really not the point when one would watch a game of football. In this world cup he even got better: no serious person would not just love him, though with great pain, for what he did to Brazil... He was Brazilian more than the Brazilians themselves... That's called art.

Not a single Italian player would be able to do that: "Defense", which really means violence, is the only thing an Italian player, including their "strikers", should be able to bring to the game. How a sane person, really, could dare to compare Totti or Del Piero to Zidane? the earlier are just good technicians, they get the job done, the latter is a football player that is to say an artist.

I wondered at what Materazzi said as many other millions of people have done. But I've never thought that what he might have said, which still really unknown to this moment, would become an issue of clash of civilizations: one has to read this (especially the comments in Ar) and this (with the stupid Calderoli) to see what I mean.

Materazzi, as he should have been trained like all the other Italian kids being prepared in the various profitable but corrupt Italian teams, was no innocent, and clearly, one has to expect anything from him as this now-popular google-video shows... but he is proving that he is not the right guy for telling lies and changing stories
Would he be able as an Italian to say something racist? Oh, yes... In Italy there is a problem, and certainly it's not only a problem of a bunch of terrorist Muslims. Anyone who'd gone to Italy would quickly realize that they cant really teach us much in the field of tolerance and diversity. I say this because, really, this was not just a highly clever trick by Materazzi to get on the nerve of Zidane: whatever it was said, especially if it's a racist slur, is wholy original and seriously meant by an Italian player.

When most commentators (sadly except the French themselves) focused after the world cup not on the Italian celebrations but rather on the "what Materazzi said to Zidane?" question then it's an indication, for who is not convinced yet, of an Italian colossal failure of creating art: Isn't that just paradoxal?


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