Monday, March 27, 2006

Ctesiphon-Al-Madain/ The Taq-i Kisra a major archeological monument threatned by political tensions?

According to some news reports the preparations of a new US assault and the Sunni-Shiite tensions around the historical Persian site Ctesiphone/Al-Madain (modern Salman Bik, few miles southeast from Baghdad) may be threatning the safety of the actual archeological remaining. The site is already in degradation as the photos from the early 20th century and those of now show (see above).

See on the archeological site:

More on the Sunni-Shiite/Iranian tensions around the site:

One of the problems could be an ahistorical current Iranian belief, persisting even after and/or thanks to the "Islamic Revolution", that Iraq is part of "The Greater Iran"...

This is yet another major Iraqi (and international) archeological site that could be threatned by the current political situations in addition to Askariyya shrine and Samarra.


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