Friday, September 12, 2008

Islamic Art and Architecture in the news

A piece in the NYT's architecture pages includes a paragraph on the new building (to be inaugurated this November) of the Qatari's Museum of Islamic Art (here); more photos in here. The same building has been also discussed in the French newspaper Le Figaro (here).

An article in (here) on the exibition being held in San Francisco's Asian Art Museum titled "From Turkey to Indonesia".

A report on contemporary glassblowing in Tunisia today in English (here). An article on the same topic in georgraphically more generic terms and with a more hiostorical approach in the Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai (here).

Qayrawan has been in the news lately for being the "Islamic cultural capital" of the year. This means basically some festivities (poetical recitals, exibitions...) but also a symposium on the history of the city as it's reported for example in the Qatari newspaper Al-Raya (here).


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