Monday, September 17, 2007

Numismatic History of Tunisia / L'Histoire Numismatique de la Tunisie

A new, highly polished, publication (hard cover) has just come to light: volume two of Numismatique et Histoire de la Monnaie en Tunisie (Monnaies Islamiques), publications of Banque Centrale de la Tunisie/BCT (direction: Ali Khiri, coordination scientifique: Abdelhamid Fenina). After volume one (Monnaies Antiques) this time volume two emphasized the Islamic period (up until the French occupation). In addition to a highly valuable catalogue by Professor Abdelhamid Fenina (my old adviser and friend, Professor of history and Islamic archeology at the University of Tunis) of the collection of the BCT, the volume includes a series of articles addressing the coins and monetary history of the various political phases of the Islamic period (Early-Umayyad, Abbasid, Aghlabid, Fatimid, Zirid, Muwahhid-Hafsid, Early Ottoman, and Late Ottoman; see SOMMAIRE). Pr. Fenina and I co-authored an article on the Hafsid period (pp. 119-146; see the ABSTRACT in the first page of the article). I must thank Pr. Fenina for allowing me to take part in this project and for his endurance to finish it especially that he was responsible for the majority of the materials in the book. I must also thank Mr. Khiri whose perseverance was a major factor in finishing this volume.

Actually this is and will be the major reference on the Islamic numismatics and monetary history of Tunisia for years to come. Unfortunately the book will not be commercialized soon since the publishers (BCT) decided to wait for the third and last volume (coins and money of the contemporary period) to get them out to the market at the same time (I must say not the wisest decision, but...).


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