Saturday, September 13, 2008

Historic Cairo suffering from lack of preservation

A few days ago a message in H-Islamart warned "the Islamic monuments of Historic Cairo have recently been struck by a series of damaging thefts. Many unique and precious objects have been looted from mosques and other important monuments." (see here the rest of the message sent by Iman Abdulfattah from Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities).

Then today a report has been published in (Arabic) warning that some of Cairo's historic mosques, including Sultan Hasan's Mosque-Madrasa and Masjid al-Rifai, are "falling" and "highly damaged" (see the report here).


At 12:31 PM, Blogger saidtravel said...

I feel sorry about out islamis heritage getting trashed up.

In Morocco, we have the same thing.
3 years ago they They destroyed an old koranic school and to replace it by a hotel.


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