Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A google video on Salvador Dali...

A nice google video on Salvador Dali a leading figure of surrealist painting... I was usually interested in his politics... he always struck me as someone who had a very complicated (I should say "strangely conflicting") political affiliations... also the unusual relation between his art and his various political views... Going from an anrchist/communist to a fashist (pro-Franco)... Being ultra liberal in artistic terms but finally anti-liberal in his politics... Some of Dali's experts argue that he is a very good example of how the artistic choices are essentially apolitical... I don't see it that way: could his "ultra-liberal" artistic choices mainly anti-liberal, anti-art justl like pop art was once? that is undermining "revolutionary" art by making it fetish? making the surrealist message (which was mainly anti mainstream) a mockery but still beautiful? that is without message? wasn't he essentially politically anti-liberal since being communist or faschist could be the same thing after all?


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